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We have received our unofficially official third request for Just the Facts, and we here at Sync Swim rejoice because there are few things I love more than a niche portrait of a life lived in the 90s.  My friend Travis suggested this lucky number 3 to me as we walked to an overpriced pasta dinner, as he is a staunch fan of Friends but knows not much about 1/6th of that powerhouse that kept the 90s from crumbling (as if it was in danger) – one Courteney Cox.

It’s as though she’s saying, “Yes, fame was a surprise, but I brought a cardigan just in case it would be cold in the white lights.”

Her rise to fame is somewhat infamous.  Legend has it she was serendipitously pulled onto the stage of my birthday twin Bruce Springsteen during one of his shows, which resulted in her appearing in one of his music videos because that performance was being filmed.  If you want to watch Bruce Springsteen adorably not know more than one dance move then watch the whole thing, otherwise skip to 2:30 to see their truly meaningful eye contact, and 3:29 to see her be organically pulled on to the stage and do her best to appear carefree.

From this footage, she was spotted by an agent for her really excellent hair and clearly #freespirit (I tried to get on the stage of a Killers concert when I was 15 but instead got trampled by a slew of drunken college students and I’m honestly not bitter okay some people get multi-million dollar contracts others get crushed dreams, it happens!!!).  Friends was certainly not her first gig – she was in several TV pilots that have since been forgotten – but it is obviously her most notable.  It was the sitcom that defined her generation and arguably the one after it, as more 20-somethings binge watch it on Netflix while they make it through life in their first (non-rent controlled, non-NYC) apartments.  For those living under a rock or with a more cultured streaming palate, she played Monica – formerly obese, neurotic, the ultimate hostess, sister to Ross, and in my opinion the most endearing of the group.  Sad fact: she was the only member of the cast never individually nominated for an Emmy, which just seems mean and unnecessary.  Though Rachel is considered the most fashionable on the show, let’s take this moment to admire that Monica aka Courteney (surely through her own flair for style and not the help of a wardrobe department) was the true style icon:

Any time I go to a Goodwill, it is to look for this dress.
I made a Pinterest board to hunt down this outfit, named “I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This.”
Please forward information about this dress to synchronizedswimblog@gmail.com

Though, like I said, this is surely her most famous role, my favorite work of hers is actually in the Scream series, another cornerstone (albeit lesser known) of 90s entertainment.  They are dark comedy slasher flicks that make fun of scary movies by literally describing their formula in the dialogue, while simultaneously managing to be legitimately frightening.  Our gal Court played Gale Weathers (get it? because a gale of wind and weather? #the90s), a nosy reporter who eventually befriends the victim of a series of crimes that she initially set out to make a profit on, aka a character with a real moral arc!  She’s been in all 4 of them (yes, there are 4), keeping the franchise legit.  (Fun fact – she met her former husband David Arquette on the set of these movies, and when they got married she changed her name to Courteney Cox Arquette professionally and personally.  As a joke, on the season 6 opener of Friends all of her costars added Arquette to the ends of their names too.  I don’t really get why that’s funny, but it seems like a neat gesture of camaraderie and fun.)  Anyway.  She provided comedic relief in an otherwise scary world.

Can you pull off a lime green skirt set?
This is the best graphic I could find that shows the hair transformation Gale undergoes in Scream 2, in which her love interest remarks after a fight, “Nice streaks.” I’m realizing it doesn’t sound as hilarious out of context.

Other than that, ya gurl Courteney produced and starred in Cougar Town, a TV show I have never watched because I have zero interest in doing so, even though I’m #grateful CC produced, wrote, and starred in it like the mogul she is.  I think she got married again after one of those “consciously uncoupling” divorces she and David shared, and I know for sure that she has a daughter named Coco because it was one of the clues in the People magazine crossword consistently from 2003-2005.  She’s tight with Jennifer Aniston, and I’m pretty sure she does more producing than acting these days.  LET’S SEE WHAT I MISSED!

-She originally hails from Alabama.  We all come from somewhere!

-She was also in Ace Ventura, which I will do my best to never watch in my lifetime.

-Dated Michael Keaton, which just makes you wanna pat him on the back.

-In fact did not get married again, but is in a committed partnership with the lead singer of Snow Patrol.

-All of the rich and varied details that comprise her life that neither speculation or the Internet can accurately convey, WOW!

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  1. The one thing you forgot is the moral imperative of our parents’ generation to remind our generation in any conversation in which Courteney Cox is a subject that she got famous from the Dancing in the Dark video. 😛

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